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'Therapy is less a question of treatment than of developing the creative possibilities latent in the patient himself' - C.G.Jung

Rebecca Beynon Creative Therapist
My philosophy


 Every child, family or adult that comes for therapy is different and no theory can tell us what each individual should do. I provide a trusting and non-judgemental therapeutic relationship. I will work with you and/or your child/family to discover the solution that is right for you. I work with play and creativity as well as talk and reflection to provide a unique therapeutic experience for each client.   

Creative Therapy Methods


On the Blog page I have explained in more detail how I work and the sorts of things clients can do in sessions. Visit the page for more information on the different types of therapy and to see what might work for you. 

Therapy Puppets
Child and Family Therapy

Play and creative therapy sessions for children, adolescents and families. Child-centred, creative therapy that aims to help the whole family work through difficulties in a non-judgemental, supportive environment.

Psychodynamic Therapy for Adults

Therapy that offers creative expression along with talking and reflection to access the unconscious and explore beyond language. 

Suitable for everyone but may be particularly helpful for...

 People who would like a creative approach,

People in talking therapy who would like additional creative sessions,

People who find it difficult to talk about problems or have difficulty with language

And those who feel creatively blocked. 


Play Therapy Toys
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