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Child & Family


 Play and creative therapy for children and families. I am able to work with children only but would encourage parents to consider attending parent or family sessions alongside or as part of their child's treatment. 

Regular review sessions to discuss how the work is going are recommended for younger children. Adolescents may prefer to see the therapist alone and manage their own treatment. 

Initial Assessment 
1 Hour   |   £30

For families to meet me and for us to decide whether to work together.

Play Therapy
40 min  |  £40

One-to-one therapy for children (usually under 12). See my blog for more information on how play therapy works. 

Creative Therapy
45 min  | £45

One-to-one therapy for older children and adolescents. See my blog for more information on how creative therapy works. 

Family Therapy
60 min  | £60

Family therapy sessions that allow the whole family to work together for change. Sessions will have a creative focus and are suitable for all ages. 

Parent Session
50 min | £50

Creative therapy sessions for the parents of children in therapy with me. May be regular or one off sessions. 

Review Session
30 mins  | £0

For parents to give and receive feedback on how therapy is going. To take place after an agreed number of sessions.

Schools Therapy
 Day Rate |  £250

I have extensive experience as a school therapist in mainstream and specialist schools. I provide one-to-one play/creative therapy and group dramatherapy sessions. 

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