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Creative Therapy for Adults

Creative therapy sessions offer clients an imaginative method of working through feelings and difficulties. There will be space to talk and reflect as well as creative expression. No previous experience or skills are necessary. I will offer a variety of creative methods of therapeutic work such as image making, dream exploration, story making and traditional story work, and dramatherapy and play. The therapy is based on the theories of Analytical Psychology and C.G.Jung. Importance is given to unconscious expression through drama, art, play and dreams. I am not an analyst and do not analyse clients dreams or creative expression. I can help clients to give shape to their unconscious fantasies and ideas and this can provide a container for powerful feelings. Working on and observing the work together can help clients to reflect on their feelings and difficulties and lead to discoveries of the unconscious state.

Elsewhere on my blog, I have written in more detail on some of the methods used in creative therapy.

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