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Image making in Creative Therapy

One way of working imaginatively with emotions and difficulties is to create images. This can be done by drawing, painting, making a collage or modelling in clay/plasticine. The image may represent a feeling state or be an imaginative representation of a problem or life situation. Images may also be taken from dreams. You do not need to be 'good' at art or to create 'perfect' pieces. Finding an image for an emotion or difficult situation can help to create some distance from the state and allow the client to look more objectively at the experience. Making the image allows the unconscious to emerge and often the image contains information that the client was not aware of. Making the image can be healing in itself but it is also useful for gaining more information about the unconscious situation. The image gives the client something concrete to see and to keep and it can act as a container for powerful feelings. The characters or scenes that are created could then be used as the starting point for an imaginative exploration using drama or play.

I do not publish clients work. All images pictured were made by me.

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