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Working with Dreams in Creative Therapy

Dreams contain helpful information from the unconscious and I encourage clients to write down their dreams. It can also be healing to draw or paint images from them. It can be helpful to explore a dream or an image from a dream in therapy. I am not an analyst and do not analyse dreams for clients but can work creatively with dream material. In group work it can be useful to enact a dream, allowing the dreamer to direct the enactment and to observe the dream again consciously. In group or individual work the client may like to try taking on a role or image from the dream and exploring this with the therapist. This work can help to make the content of the dream more conscious and lead to new insights. For example, a dream may have struck the dreamer as overwhelmingly negative or frightening but in exploring the images with the therapist or group, more positive themes may be discovered.

I do not publish client's dreams. All images pictured were made by me.

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