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Dramatherapy Groups

Group therapy is ideal for addressing social difficulties and exploring one's relationship to other people. It can help to make conscious our habitual ways of relating to others and lead to new insights about our behaviour. Groups can also offer support between the members and it can be helpful to meet other people with similar difficulties. Dramatherapy offers a very safe and supportive group experience. The use of drama, play, story and imaginative ways of working can facilitate intimacy and may allow clients to access feelings and share thoughts, more easily than with talking therapy. No previous experience or skills are needed. You do not need to be 'good' at drama or even a confident or extrovert personality. Sessions are designed to allow each person to take part in a way that feels genuine and comfortable for them. It is not about performing, being an actor or brilliant improvisor. Sessions use games and play to explore group dynamics and develop trust and intimacy. When the group is more established and the members feel safer with one another, drama and story work is used to explore deeper unconscious roles within the group and to work creatively with destructive and negative emotions. Finally the group may choose to work creatively with personal material and dreams with the participation and support of the group.

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