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Teachers' Comments about Play Therapy

‘(Student) is now much more able to communicate his needs with staff which is huge progress!’

'My job can be quite challenging. The support I receive is so important to enable me to help and understand the student I work with'

'Therapy is a vital part of (students) way of managing herself in school and being empowered to deal with some of her most difficult and challenging emotions'

'(Student) continues to grow happier, more confident, more expressive and independent. This has supported him in developing his learning and acquiring new skills'

‘(Student)’ appears happier, more confident and more settled’

'(Student) has shown gradual but still significant progress in ability to regulate his emotional state. He is rejoining the class for a growing number of activities and is more engaged and interactive'.

‘(Student) always looks forward to the day she has therapy. She often mentions it days in advance”

‘(Student) gained a lot of self-advocacy skills in speaking up for herself’

'There has been significant improvement in (student's) social and emotional wellbeing. He now presents as much happier and far more engaged with staff and peers. Now participating fully in learning activities and joining the class for most of the day'

'(Student) desperately needs this time of one-to-one support with a caring, listening adult'

‘(Student) is definitely enjoying her therapy session. She is always looking forward to it’

'Parents said that therapy has had a positive and clear impact on their child's behaviour'

Comments from children 

'I like helping people, playing music, drums, singing, stories, playing with blankets'

'I don't feel angry all the time'

 Teachers' Comments about Drama Therapy 

'Extremely useful. Behaviour problems prevented'

'Sessions are unique. The children really benefit from it'


‘The students love the space and freedom to engage when they can and to have space when they need it. Fun, engaging activities to encourage role playing whilst learning key concepts – would love more!’


‘This has been a very good experience for the students. They had fun with each other, sharing and communicating’


‘Our class, children and adults, have enjoyed dramatherapy. We have so much fun!’

'I feel the therapy was very important in the emotional development of the children'

'Through taking part in the sessions and communicating with the therapist, I have been able to effectively help my students to overcome some major difficulties'


It’s flexible and you can bring your own ideas’


‘So important for our students to be able to interact with others and have fun communicating and learning how to relate positively’  


‘I’ve never been to a class where the content and activity is more structured and tailored to our children’s needs. All of our students have benefitted from dramatherapy and they really enjoy it. On the days when we don’t have it they are looking through the window of the therapy room’


'There are such wonderful ideas which are presented in such a way as to allow all the children to take part in some way and also the adults supporting them'


'Not only did the students enjoy and look forward to these sessions but they also demonstrated positive behaviours and actions'


'An excellent service for the kids and staff' 

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